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Years ago, when oil lamps and clockwork mechanisms were used in lighthouses, a lighthouse keeper was the person responsible for tending to the lighthouse.

 Will you join the “Lighthouse Keepers”, give a financial gift of $25 or more and help keep this “lighthouse” going?
You can also pay by check.  Make your check payable to: Lighthouse Christian Radio.
Send it to: Lighthouse Christian Radio – 3800 S. Howell Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53207


We have been granted a construction permit by the FCC for an FM frequency here in Milwaukee.  Once we go on the air, we will reach a potential audience of over 1,000,000 people!  Our call letters are WBVW-LP and the frequency is 92.9 FM.  We are currently raising the funds necessary to purchase broadcasting equipment.  We currently have close to $7,000 pledged of a total need of $20,000.  We hope to be able to go on the air by the spring of 2017.  Will you help us get on the air, and broadcast the Good News here in Milwaukee?

FCC info for WBVW-LP

Lighthouse Christian Radio is a ministry of Souls Harbor Baptist Church.